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Dear Animal Lovers,

     We need champions to help us bring the life-saving messages in RESCUED to the attention of as many people as possible. Please copy the following announcement and book cover. Email it to everyone you know who has a pet, to any animal organizations of which you are a member, and to your friends who love animals. We appreciate your help. We strongly believe that the information in RESCUED will save lives -- animal and human. Thank you.

Allen and Linda Anderson

* * * * *

ANNOUNCEMENT for email letters, websites, and newsletters.

Saving Animals from Disaster
By Allen and Linda Anderson

RESCUED: Saving Animals from Disaster by Allen and Linda Anderson has been called a must-read book for anyone with a pet and for those who want to save the lives of animals. With a foreword by US Senator John Ensign, it includes information from hundreds of people the authors interviewed about how to best prepare family pets for disaster, how to get trained in animal rescue, and the history and scope of the burgeoning animal rescue movement. Marie Belew Wheatley, president and CEO of American Humane Association, calls this book an homage to the hundreds of individuals from scores of animal welfare groups who gave so much to rescue the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina. A great book to give as a gift and to sell on animal organization websites and in animal shelter gift shops. Published by New World Library, September, 2006, 360 pages, 16 pages color photos, index, resources, ISBN: 1577315448, $16.95,; available at any bookstore.


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