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Animal rescuers set to go in after Gustav
By Sharon Peters, Special for USA TODAY

“The government officials and procedures have taken intoaccount that people won’t leave without their pets and have made provisions for that,” says Linda Anderson, who with her husband Allen, investigated Katrina and wrote Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster, a clarion call for advance disaster planning for animals. “The intake procedures are organized and standardized so animals don’t get lost in the system. … (The government) is working side by side with the animals groups.”

Excerpt from USA TODAY article, p. 4D, September 2, 2008



Allen and Linda Anderson Speaking at the Minneapolis Convention Center



Clip of Allen & Linda Anderson giving a talk about the rescue
activities on the Gulf Coast after Katrina.


Allen & Linda Anderson being interviewed on NBC KARE11 News


CBS WCCO Clip about Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster


Showcase Minnesota Featuring Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster


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